Thursday, July 31, 2008


The Millennial Mandate has been born, help me in welcoming it to the world (wide web), I was pregnant with it for about 8 months.

I mulled this decision for quite a while. I wanted a place to post all the random things I find around the web each day. A place I could easily share videos, pictures, links, thoughts, anger, joy, laughs, opinions and discussions. Since it is implausible in most of our day to day lives to have the time to sit and discuss things happening in our world, our careers and our families I think its important (maybe even healthy) to have a place to share them, and encourage thought, discussion and feedback.

I think its important to exercise physically as well as mentally, every day. Its important to provoke, develop, shape, and express opinions, just as its important to shower, brush your teeth, exercise and eat well. That is a why I wanted to create this site; a place that could encourage those things.

On my opinions: I always have made an effort to see arguments, positions, and points of view objectively. I believe all people have justification for their views and opinions and have every right to voice and share them. In some instances we disagree, but I find no acceptance in not understanding other's opinions; how they form, justify and defend. I hate the ignorance and arrogance in dismissing others opinions without discretion. There is nothing to learn or gain in that approach and it will only make the interaction more divisive. I will try to stay as objective as possible in my posts here (and for you to call me out when you think I may not be), I ask the same of your readership.

So welcome - more on the reason behind the name to come..